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I. What information is collected?

  1. Personal Information:
    We require personal contact and other information from our members.  The required information is used to effectively and accurately create, maintain, and display coffeegroup.org's services. 
  2. Cookies:
    coffeegroup.org utilizes cookies in order to provide members and merchants with a more personalized experience by remembering who you are when you revisit the site.  Cookies also track visitor activity and traffic patterns among the site so that we can identify users' interests and behaviour.  With this information, we can improve existing user services and develop new products appropriate for our audience.

II. How is the information collected?

  1. Members are requested to submit personal and other information using the online sign-up form at the time of registration.

III. How will the information be used?

  1. Resale and Disclosure of Information:
    coffeegroup.org will not sell or disclose any personal information collected on our site to third parties without first gaining permission from each individual member to do so.
  2. Privacy of coffeegroup.org e-mail Lists:
    We collect and record personal information in order to maintain e-mail lists.  We utilize the e-mails to keep members informed of the site services, site performance, promotions, and offer information regarding industry related services and products.

IV. Data Security

  1. Personal Information:
    To protect the member's account information, coffeegroup.org asks each member to supply a unique user name and password.  Only members have the ability to modify their personal information.

V. Data Quality and Access

  1. Members may access their information 24 hours a day using their designated user name and password.  Members may modify or delete their information as needed.

VI. Questions

  1. If you have further questions that were not addressed in the above privacy policy, please contact coffeegroup.org via the Enquiries page.



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